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Top 50 PR Download Website

Last updated: March 23, 2007
No. Site PR Language Comments

www.download.com 8 * Register
www.filedudes.com 8 * Register
www.freedownloadscenter.com 8 * Register
www.tucows.com 8 * Register
www.bluechillies.com 7 * Register
www.sharewareriver.com 7 * Register
www.simtel.net 7 * Register
www.snapfiles.com 7 * Register
www.softpedia.com 7
www.softpicks.net 7
www.softplatz.com 7
www.versiontracker.com 7 * Register
www.en.softonic.com 6
www.baixaki.ig.com.br 6 **Portuguese * Register
www.brothersoft.com 6
www.daolnwod.net 6
www.eurodownload.com 6
www.filehungry.com 6
www.newfreedownloads.com 6
www.pcfreunde.de 6 **German
www.1000files.com 6
www.sharewareconnection.com 6
www.sharewarejunction.com 6 * Register
www.sharewareplaza.com 6 * Register
www.softlandmark.com 6
www.softpile.com 6
www.softslist.com 6
www.winload.de 6 **German
www.download32.com 6
www.fivesign.com 5
www.anshare.com 5 **Spanish * Register
www.bestsoftware4download.com 5 * Register
www.biz2consumer.com 5 * Register
www.dailysofts.com 5
www.molihe.com 5
www.download5000.com 5
www.downloadpipe.com.au 5 * Register
www.fileboost.net 5
www.filelight.com 5 * Register
www.findapp.com 5 * Register


www.free-downloads.net 5 * Register
www.freewareseek.com 5 * Register
www.shareware4u.de 5 **German * Register
www.soft32.com 5
www.softizer.com 5
www.soooooft.com 5
www.vista-files.org 5 * Register
www.win2000archiv.de 5 **German
www.ab-archive.com 5 * Register
www.shareme.com 5
www.zgnpxw.com 6
www.securitysoftwarezone.com 5

Google Adsense allows you to choose fonts

Google Adsense just added new options to choose the fonts for google adsense units after they enabled Google Adsense for Domain feature for all google adsense publishers.

As of now, you can choose Arial, Times and Verdana.To change the font style for your existing google adsense units, go to Manage Ads under Google Adsense Setup and look for Fonts section.

Google Sitemap Generator

Google released its Google Sitemap Generator at Google code licensed under Apache License 2.0. Sitemaps are very useful for webmaster to tell the search engines about the pages of the sites which are available for crawling. This Google Sitemap Generator supports for both Apache server on Linux and Windows IIS versions. Installation guide is very useful and of course installation on your own server is easy.

Google Blog Converter

Data Liberation Team from Google released Google Blog Converters in Google Open source project. Google Blog Converters allows you to convert between export formats of Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal and Movable Type. Library and scripts are written in Python language and following sample are hosted on Google App Engine.

  • Blogger to WordPress
  • WordPress to Blogger
  • LiveJournal to Blogger

You should notice that there is a limit size of a downloadable file on these Google Apps is just 1MB and can be used for small blog export files.

Download – google-blog-converters-appengine-1.0.tar.gz

Google Friend Connect

I have been testing Google Friend Connect this week and it is time to share. Google Friend Connect means more people engaging more deeply with your website and with each other. It allows your visitors to invite their friends from other social networks and join your site. Social gadgets in Google Friend Connect will keep these visitors more deeply engaged with your site, and with each other. I have added Members gadget and Comments gadget in my site. Please come and join my site and make friend with other members and explore what they have joined.

Google Chrome

The whole web is talking about Google Chrome (google.com/chrome), an open source browser based on it owns webkit and uses its Google Gears. An official comic book with 38 pages explained why they build Chrome. Sitepoint listed the features of Chrome based on comic. Is it another step to dominate the web?

First look: latest Google Android SDK a big improvement

Late last year, we tested a prerelease of the software development kit for Google’s Linux-based Android mobile phone operating system. Although we saw a lot of potential in the platform, there were a number of serious flaws in both the software and the underlying development process. Both have seen noteworthy improvement since our original tests.

The developers announced the availability of m5-rc14 this week, a new Android prerelease that addresses many issues and brings a significant user interface overhaul to the operating system. I put the new version of the SDK and Eclipse plug-in to the test on my Ubuntu desktop computer to see how it compares to the version that we tested in December.

As we noted in our previous review, one of the significant strengths of Android in the area of third-party development is the ease of installing the SDK. That advantage has been retained, but I ran into a minor snag with dependencies for the Android Eclipse plug-in. Ubuntu 7.10 users who wish to use the Android plug-in might need to download the latest version of Eclipse in order to do so. If you have a standard version of Eclipse, the installation process for Android and the plug-in is relatively straightforward and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Twittering away on Android

My first test after installing the new SDK was attempting to compile and run the experimental Twitter client that I developed for my previous article. This initially failed because of alterations to the Android XML manifest file format, but it was very easy to make the requisite changes. You can refer to the Android manifest documentation page to see how the current manifest file should look.

In the source code for the program itself, the only element of the Android API used by my Twitter client that no longer works is the now-defunct EmboldenedSpan object. I simply changed it to a StyleSpan object with a Typeface.BOLD paramater. All things considered, it wasn’t all that painful to get my simple application working with the new version of the SDK, but developers with more complex projects might have a different experience. Google’s documentation includes an overview of the API changes between the m3 and m5 releases. In general, the documentation seems to be a bit better all across the board.

Squashing bugs and polishing the UI

In our previous article about Android, we voiced sharp criticism of Google for failing to provide a public bug tracking system, an omission that greatly impeded the process of providing feedback. Google finally resolved that problem last month when it announced that it would be using the issue tracker at the Android code.google.com page. This is a very positive sign that Google is taking the needs of the Android third-party developer community more seriously.

The user interface of the Android platform also got a big boost with this release. The home screen menu system is a bit more finger-friendly now and still retains solid usability with navigation buttons. We noted in our previous article that Android has a highly hardware-neutral design that reflects Google’s intention to make it support a variety of different kinds of handsets. The user interface changes generally seem consistent with that approach. One oddity is a slide-down panel that displays notifications. It can be dragged from the top of the screen, but I couldn’t find a way to activate it with a button. Overall, the new home screen menu feels more functional and less cramped than its predecessor, but is a bit less stylish.

One very noticeable change in the Android user interface is the addition of transition animations. The animations show up in many places throughout the system, generally when windows, dialogs, and menus appear. They are very subtle and add some additional elegance without becoming a distraction.

I tested several of the applications that come with the SDK, including the mapping program, the contact book, and the web browser. I also tested the experimental Google Talk chat integration feature. I was able to connect to Google Talk and receive messages, which are displayed as items on the notification panel. The performance and usability of the bundled applications is pretty decent.

The interface feels more complete now, but there are still some holes. For instance, the home screen menu offers an option for changing the background wallpaper, but selecting it only displays a dialog stating that the feature isn’t available yet. There is obviously still work to be done before the interface is ready for use on a phone, but it is definitely improving at a reasonable pace.

It seems like the initial prerelease was primarily to let developers see what the platform would offer, and this release is more about addressing the needs that emerged in the process. Google is clearly giving due consideration to criticisms of Android and resolving problems identified by third-party developers. There are still technical issues to resolve, but Google has now demonstrated enough responsiveness to developer demands to justify giving the company the benefit of the doubt. This second look at the platform and the development ecosystem has boosted my confidence in the endeavor and given me reason to be optimistic about Android’s prospects.

[via arstechnica]

How much do you earn from adsense daily?

To those who have adsense on their websites, how much do you earn daily? Share us your average figures. As for , we earn around $3.00 a day which is alright to pay for one server the more earnings the better, hopefully we can increase it this month..

So tell us about your adsense earnings..

Zacadsense: average of about 1 cent a day. it used to be more on my old old old sites that i used to have but i closed them (stupidly)

bidvertiser: around $0.12 a day, but its on the upOn the average I would say about $0.50 to $1.00 a day (this is just for a single site). But some days are just really so “slow”, if you know what I mean.Sorry but to ask this. I thought we are not suppose to put google adsense and similar advertising program on the site as long as it is hosted on ZC?Well, if you’re the one asking me kleong, my site is not hosted with . kleong Wrote:Sorry but to ask this. I thought we are not suppose to put google adsense and similar advertising program on the site as long as it is hosted on ZC?
indeed, my adsense is not on byteforums which is hosted here.Thanks jandz, goughy000. For one moment I was puzzled. Can I or can I not put adsense? Now I know. Yes it is your website that are not hosted with . I should’ve clarified. I might change that rule in the future..

Zaci earn around 10$ a day

How to increase Google Adsense income?

Hey guys just a survey ok , my daily income in adsense is below $3 , The $3 per day is maintain by my 1 (freelance web design website) and 3 blogsites.

My question is , how many website i need, or what i must do to increase my adsense earning and site visitors.Target a greater audienence is really the only way to get more $$$You can earn more with just one website. All you need to do is to get more traffic to go to your site. To get more traffic to your site try exchanging banners or links with other websites. Put a link of your site in your forum signitures and optimize your site with the best and most suitable keywords. Make sure you submit it to the major search engines too

Thats my 2cents Lets hear what the others have to say..

ZacGoogle aren’t going to pay you for having a website, they’d reward you for showing people their advertisments, if noone goes to your site to see click those ads then you get zilch!

As Zac said, more traffic!
Easy part is making the website Also don’t say “Please click the ads”. Otherwise google will ban your account.thank you guys thanks for the adviceYou can put as many keywords in your meda tags as you want but if you dont have the content people are looking for they won’t waste there time clicking the ads on your site. Bolgus keywords won’t work either lol e.g if one of the keywords in your media tag is socks you better have socks on your site and not just the word lol.Meta tags won’t help, you must have unqiue content, and target high paying keywords. Of course, more traffic. Your ad position.

Well, I learned all this from DP forums. If I did it myself, I wouold be no where.All of the above are very good observations. The position, the keywords the metatags, but the real deal is that you have to have an audiencejust make a very good site with good content and promote your website Or you can have more content (original, of course) like a blog that is regularly updated, or a website with articles about certain interest you have. People with similar interest will find your site and they may come back if there is enough real content. If it’s just copied, then they may not stay too long.

The forum link in your sigs also help a great deal. ExposureBlend your ads. Oh, and traffic, traffic, traffic and SEO. Link exchanges also work as well as article submissions.

Goodluck on your money making venture.U need knowledge about lots of things along with adsense to increase the Adsense Income. If u carry on just learning about adsene, u can’t be successfull with the ad income. U must learn about PPC, CTR, Conversion, Ad layouts, Keywords and some other things to satisfy your self with the result…as i know meta tag only help a little to increase visitor but not to help much, so the problem only one “how to get more visitor” its automaticaly increase your money everyday. difficult huh? many offer out there tell they can improve your adsense but i think be carefuly before buy something.

i have only one key: everytime you write heading text on your website is important use best keyword so search engine will work fine with your site…if i not wrong…but i already test with my blog and so far its work…gl3nnx Wrote:Hey guys just a survey ok ??, my daily income in adsense is below $3 , The $3 per day is maintain by my 1 (freelance web design website) and 3 blogsites.

My question is , how many website i need, or what i must do to increase my adsense earning and site visitors.

SEO is good thing to make your site popular as if site came on 1st page more and more people will vist ur site. We can do this for u + we make all ur pages crawel by the serach engine and also implement Dynamic Keywords and title. This is called SEF search Engine Friendly.