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How to Market Your Blog in Six Steps

Service business owners across the U.S. are using blogs to promote their business, serve more people, attract more prospects, and retain clients. It’s one thing to start a blog and quite another to market it. Follow these six steps if you want to increase traffic.

1) The first rule to remember is to always write quality content to your target market. Sub-par postings will turn away possible clients.

2) Let your readers subscribe to your newsletter or blog updates. Input a simple .php form in a prominent location and offer an incentive to join. Some advanced wordpress templates already have this feature imbedded in the code. Check out smashingmagazine.com for 100 great themes, some of which have this feature.

3) Now for the most time consuming task. Submit new feeds to the following sites.

  • blogsearch
  • blogarama
  • blogbunch
  • blogcatalog
  • blogcode
  • blogexplosion
  • blogflux
  • bloghop
  • bloglisting
  • blogrankings
  • blogtoplist
  • getblogs
  • globeofblogs
  • lsblogs
  • myblog2u
  • quickblogdirectory
  • sportsblogs
  • weblogalot, and
  • dmoz.

These sites will ask you to log in and create an account. That is why it takes so long to submit it to each of them.

4) Use Social Bookmarks. So many to choose from, so little time… Digg, del.icio.us, Propeller, and Technorati are the top sites along with Google, Yahoo, and MSN’s bookmark sites. You should also add some bookmark capabilities to your blog. I use ShareThis for mine.

5) Once you have your blog feed listed with the major submission sites, it is time to spread the word. Take massive action and post quality comments to as many of the top blogs as possible. Make sure you’re not spamming – just give good advice and leave good questions – and leave a trail of your blog everywhere you can.

6) Give your visitors a way to share your posts with their friends and family. The final instruction is to stay consistent and be patient.

If you have good content and a visually pleasing site, it will attract the right visitors and your blog will grow – right along with the rest of your business. It will likely take at least thirty days (probably more like sixty to ninety) before that happens. Be patient and keep moving forward.

Bill Tamminga, MBA, is the founder of Goal Revolution and a leading expert in business growth. His most recent publication is a business assessment and marketing tool for service business owners entitled Advanced Business Triage.

WordPress Blog Design


Posted on 24 April 2009



Job Details

I’m looking for a designer who can create a new blog theme/website design for my blog. The website is a personal development/productivity blog with over 10,000 subscribers. The tagline is, “Get more from life” and has been active for over three years.

I need a creative designer who is familiar with creating WordPress themes. I am not looking to purchase stock themes, or pre-designed themes, only a new, unique design for exclusive use with my website.

Please include with your application:

-Links to other WordPress blog themes you have designed. Preferably for other clients.
-Your fee for completing the contract (payment is made for the completion of the project, not per hour for budget reasons)
-Your time estimate for when you can begin/complete the design.

I also suggest taking a look at the current website, you may include some ideas for redesign/artistic direction along with the above requirements.

40 Amazing Architecture and Interior Design Blogs

These architecture and interior design blogs offer amazing tips that will have your pad pimped out in no time.


MoCo Loco

Apartment Therapy

Arch Daily

Furniture Fashion












the style files


minor details


The Kitchen Designer

emmas designblogg




absolutely beautiful things

2 or 3 things I know

Daily Dose

Dwell Blog


Material Girls

Carolina Eclectic



A Daily Dose of Architecture




Interactive Architecture


50 Streetwear Blogs

Keeping up to date with the latest in streetwear can be quite a daunting task. This fashion niche moves so fast, it’s near impossible for one person to keep up with the all latest drops.

Fortunately, there are plenty of streetwear blogs that are up to the task of making sure you stay well informed and most importantly — in style.











Just Don It

Sneaker News

The Hundreds

Johnny Cupcakes

Billionaire Boys Club Blog


Big Sean


True Clothing

Bape Nerd

The Moment Blog





Kanye West Blog



Kicks and Toys

Satchel of Gravel

Estate Los Angeles

Headwear Supremacy

Act like you know


Strictly Fitteds

5&A Dime


Individual Sole

Crooked Tongues



The Clapback


The Clones

Overkill Blog

Trashbag Aesthetics

Yours Truly Brand


What the Hellz?!!


Google Blog Converter

Data Liberation Team from Google released Google Blog Converters in Google Open source project. Google Blog Converters allows you to convert between export formats of Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal and Movable Type. Library and scripts are written in Python language and following sample are hosted on Google App Engine.

  • Blogger to WordPress
  • WordPress to Blogger
  • LiveJournal to Blogger

You should notice that there is a limit size of a downloadable file on these Google Apps is just 1MB and can be used for small blog export files.

Download – google-blog-converters-appengine-1.0.tar.gz

3 Different Ways To Brand Yourself And Be Known For It

Ever felt that you are just another blogger in the blogosphere? Have you ever thought of branding yourself for a particular thing you do and become known for it? Keep reading the blog post and you will find 3 different ways by which you can brand yourself. There are more than three ways but I guess you shouldn’t confuse yourself when reading the article. After all, the main aim of this article is to teach you some ways using which you can become known in the blogosphere.

In this article what I’m not going to teach is step by step method for becoming an authority. It is a vast topic and it will take more than 10,000 words to explain it. It can be explained only by writing a book on it if I need to teach you every step.

You will see three types of blogging in this blog post and using one of them you can become famous for it and brand yourself for that way of blogging. First let me just list the three ways so that if you are in a hurry you can read it and bookmark it for later reading.
1. Problem Solver
2. Advice Blogger
3. News Reporter

1. Problem Solver
Problem solver is the one who writes solutions for problems that people are facing. Problem solvers have the advantage of getting more subscribers easily to their blog. If you give a solution for a problem I am facing, I’m going to visit your blog many times and also subscribe to it. Being a problem solver is tough unless you have good knowledge or experience in your niche. You cannot write on “How to setup a website” unless you know how to do it. Problem solvers write more of how-to posts. To get questions for answering in the blog, visit forums. It’s the best place to find problems.

2. Advice Blogger
Advice bloggers are those who give advice on becoming better on anything you know already. Your blog will become more social media friendly if you are giving advices to people. Would you not stumble an article that advices you on how to become better at blogging? Or would you not digg a post that lists many ways to manage your time efficiently? Giving advice is something you can do only by reading more. The more you read, the better you will get. The better you get, the more advice you will be able to give.

3. News Reporter
News reporters are those who write the latest happenings in their respective niche. The blogs that post the latest news get more search engine traffic. If your primary monetization method is adsense, this type should be your choice. Search engine people tend to respond well to the ads. But being a news reporter isn’t easy. You should be the first to write about something. If first is not possible, try to be in the first five. If more people start to write about the same thing, no one will be interesting in reading your blog post. There are so many bloggers who are writing the same news that you are writing. You have to be unique in delivering the news.

Which type of blogger are you? Are you able to find yourself in one of the above types? If yes, I suggest you to work on it and try to become better. One more thing I would like to remind you is that you can write about the latest happenings even though you are primarily a problem solver. The ultimate aim is to find people who are interested in your writing and make them your precious subscribers.

What other types of bloggers do you know? Please share it in the comments. (via bloggingtips)

10 Ways to Brand Your Blog or Website Efficiently

On the latest State of the Blogosphere report, Technorati claimed that they are tracking over 133 million blogs. That is a freaking lot of them. If we take into consideration standard websites as well, this number will be even bigger. The result? Hundreds, if not thousands of blogs and websites on virtually every single niche on the web.

You can also bet that a good percentage of those will be offering outstanding quality content just like you do, so the competition is fierce.

Under those circumstances, how can you make sure that your blog or website will stand out of the crowd and attract visitors?

In one word: branding.

Bricks and mortar businesses have discovered the importance of branding decades ago, but on the web this is a relatively new trend (just five years ago you didn’t have that many websites around after all).

Below we are going to cover 10 ways to brand your blog or website efficiently.

1. Having a Clear Purpose

You must have a crystal clear vision about the purpose of your website, and you must communicate that to the visitors as well. They must know why they are visiting your website. Why it is worth their time.

“I am going to write about tech” ain’t going to cut it. What part of technology you are going to write about? Gadgets? Web 2.0? What angle you are going to have? Breaking news? Deep analysis? Where will the value to your readers come from?

You need to be able to answer to those questions easily.

Your aim is to make people associate a concept or thing with your website. If I say online video, you are going to think YouTube. If I say funny pictures of cats, you are going to think I Can Has Bheezburger. If I say gadgets, you are going to think Engadget or Gizmodo.

You get the idea. Now you must make this with your own website. It is not easy, and it takes time, but you should always keep this principle in mind.

2. Being Consistent with the Writing Style

There are many studies confirming that the writing part of a blog or website is one of the main parameters that readers use to determine the overall quality of that site.

You need to be consistent with your writing style if you want to strength your brand with it. It does not matter if you write bringing your personal experiences aboard or if you try to keep a more neutral tone, the important thing is to be consistent with it.

If you read tech blogs frequently, I am sure you would be able to tell a post from TechCrunch and one from Mashable apart just by looking at the writing style right? That is what branding is all about.

This point is particularly important to blogs that have more than one author.

3. Sticking with Your Tagline

Using a tagline is not mandatory, although it can help if you come up with a really catchy and descriptive one (check The Best Website Taglines Around the Internet if you need some inspiration).

The important thing, however, is that you stick with it. It got stick in people’s heads. If you change your tagline every other month, people won’t remember it, and they might even get confused about it.

If you are going to use a tagline, you could also consider adding it to the title tag of your website. This will make sure that the tagline will be displayed on search engines when users come across your site, reinforcing the message that you want to pass.

4. Investing Money in a Good Logo

Just like medieval castles used to be identified by their flags, websites are identified by their logos. If you have limited money to spend on design, make sure that the logo is your top priority.

These days you can get good looking logos for as low as $100 (obviously though that the more you spend the higher the quality you should get).

The logo is important because it is the first thing that visitors pay attention to, and usually it is also the image that will stick on their mind once they are gone.

Additionally, whenever people mention your website on blog, they will consider using your logo as an illustration on the article, meaning that the logo itself will characterize your site even on external places. The image on top of this article is an example.

5. Using a Favicon

Most modern browsers support favicons, therefore you should make use of them. Try to adapt your logo, or use the initials of the name of your site, and put them on the favicon.

Favicons are also important because they will appear on the bookmark section of your users, enabling them to recognize your website more easily among the hundreds of others.

If you are not sure how to create or implement a favicon, read How to Create a Favicon.

6. Making the Design Match the Content

The overall look and feel of your design must match the content. If you plan to talk about stock markets, it would be weird to have flowers on the background image right?

Identify what your core audience is going to be, and design around their perceptions and preferences. If you are going to write for professionals or older people, perhaps a traditional newspaper look would be a good choice. If your readers will be younger, a more colorful design could be used. And so on.

7. Being Consistent with the Colors

Make sure to choose a color palette and to stick with it. Colors and moods are very easy to be remembered, so use this in your favor.

You could use the main color on the links, on the favicon, on the footer and so on. If you are going to create special images or badges for the website, make them match the overall color pattern.

Through out the years it is probably that you will need to give a face-lift to you design. That is fine, as long as you keep consistent with the color readers will still feel at home, and your brand will be kept intact.

You can get more information about color palettes and suggestions on ColourLovers.

8. Using Your Website’s Name on Social Media

Are you going to use Twitter? FriendFeed? Facebook? If you are, you could create an account on each of those services specifically for your website.

Social networks are a big online trend, and probably one that will last. If you manage to get your site inside those networks, your brand will rejoice.

Here is a good example: Michael Arrington is a web celebrity, but instead of creating social networking accounts on his name, he always create them as “TechCrunch,” reinforcing his brand across those platforms.

9. Spending Money on Advertising

If branding was easy, companies around the world would not spend billions of dollars every year on advertising right?

It is possible to create a strong brand without spending money on advertising, but paid promotional efforts can certainly make you reach this goal easier and faster.

If you don’t have a big budget, you could consider spending money only during the launch and on the first few months. Use the money to kick start your brand, and after that work with the content and free methods.

One advantage of paid advertising is that it allows you to deliver a specific message to a specific audience. If you purchase a banner on a popular blog, for example, you know who will be reading that, and you can tailor your words to pass your brand to those readers.

10. Spreading it Everywhere

Branding is psychological, meaning that you will need to get inside people’s heads. Sometimes this will inevitably be a numbers game. That is, the more exposure you manage to give to your brand in front of the web users, the longer it will stick with them.

Practically speaking, use your website name and logo in a many different places as possible. Put the link on your email signatures. Write guest articles for popular blogs and put your website name on the byline. Talk about your website in online forums. Purchase advertising banners. Stamp tshirts with your website logo on it and so on. (via dailyblogtips)

Top 100 User-Centered Blogs

From:Top 100 User-Centered Blogs

By Jessica Hupp
Web designers often concern themselves with optimizing sites for spiders from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, but pay little attention to creating sites that real people can use. This problem has sparked a movement towards user-centered web design, a topic that covers accessibility, web standards, and interfacing. Check out these blogs for the latest and greatest in this people-centric field of design.

The Top 10
These blogs are the best of the best when it comes to user-centered discussions.
Signal vs. Noise: Written by 37signals, the makers of simple, elegant tools like Ta-da List and Basecamp, this blog discusses up-to-the-minute information on design, experience, simplicity, and more.
456 Berea Street: Visit this very popular blog for insight into the world of web standards, accessibility, and usability.
./with Imagination: As a leader in user interface engineering, Dustin Diaz has a lot of knowledge to offer in this arena.
Functioning Form: Luke Wroblewski’s Functioning Form offers extensive information on user interface design.
This is Broken: This is Broken features a round-up and commentary on user experiences, good and bad.
Adaptive Path: Adaptive Path strives to create experiences that “improve people’s lives,” and they love to share what they’ve learned with others.
Boxes and Arrows: The subject matter focuses on interaction design and other closely related topics, but this blog sets an example because it’s a peer-written journal composed of mainly user-generated content.
A List Apart: A List Apart’s insightful articles cover important issues in design and development with an emphasis on web standards.
UX Matters: This web magazine delivers top-notch content about strategies for improving user experience.
UX Magazine: For this magazine, “user experience is everything.” Check it out for a round-up of all that’s important to enhancing user experience.

When designing your site, you can’t forget about people with disabilities. Find out more about how you can make your web development open to everyone by reading these blogs.
200ok: This blog by Ben Buchanan discusses web development, paying special attention to accessibility and web standards.
Accessify: Check out Ian Lloyd’s Accessify to learn how you can make what you develop more accessible.
Curb Cut: Visit the Curb Cut blog for loads of resources and discussions about accessibility.
Unintentionally Blank: Phil Nash writes about web standards, particularly focusing on accessibility and usability.
Clagnut: Check out Clagnut for Richard Rutter’s insight on design and accessibility.
MCU: Jim Byrne, author of 60 Hot to touch Accessible Web Design tips, offers insight into the world of accessibility, disabilities, and web design.
Anitra Pavka: This blog provides news, commentary, and articles on topics concerning web accessibility.
Rosie Sherry: Rosie Sherry discusses testing and tools that revolve around accessibility and web standards.
Wise Guys Only: Tim Roberts discusses the tricky combination of Ajax and accessibility.
Accessities: Accessities proves that websites can be both accessible and attractive.
Segala: Segala evangelizes accessibility and trust in web design.

Human Computer Interaction
Web pages don’t just load themselves — people find them and open them. These blogs discuss the intersection of humans and computers in design.
Interaction Design: Visit Interaction Design for an introduction to human computer interaction, interaction design, information architecture, and more.
Population of One: Sylvie Noel discusses her work on human computer interactions.
Human-Computer Interaction Design: Read David Roedl’s blog for information on human-computer interaction with a focus on topics like sustainable interaction design, experience-focused HCI research, and more.
Ergonomenon: Ergonomenon discusses the intersection of ergonomics and human-computer interaction.
Information Architects: Information Architects takes a look at interfaces that people like to use.
User Designer: Mike Bennett writes about human-computer interaction and interaction design, focusing on research and resources for user implementation.
Gotomobile: Gotomobile discusses people-friendly interface design and standards in user-centered design principles.
Another HCI Blog: Read about Beck Tench’s thoughts on her HCI work at Another HCI Blog.
YuBlog: The YuBlog helps readers learn how to improve user experience by considering human factors.

Web Standards
Web standards ensure that it’s easy for a wide variety of people to be served with quality web pages. Check out these blogs to find out more about web standards and how you can implement them in your own design.
Standard Web Standards: Regnard Kreisler C. Raquedan covers the essentials of web standards and usability.
Indelv: Check out this portal for web standards that includes reviews, news, tools, and more.
Standards Schmandards: Peter Krantz shares solutions, tools, and code for designing within web standards.
Muffin Research: Muffin Research focuses on web development with special attention devoted to web standards.
Zeldman: Jeffrey Zeldman, author of Designing With Web Standards, discusses the importance and implementation of web standards.
The Web Standards Project: The Web Standards Project evangelizes standards that make development easier and websites more accessible.
Meyer Web: Eric Meyer discusses the importance of web standards and good design.
Ordered List: Steve at Ordered List covers the imporance of web standards in information architecture, web design, and more.
Max Design: Max Design focuses on web standards, usability, CSS, and accessibility.
Andy Budd: Andy Budd’s blog is about web design, particularly web standards, user centered design and information architecture.
Duoh: Verlee, CEO of Duoh, promotes the benefits of web standards.
Just Add Water: On Just Add Water, you’ll find a wealth of information on web standards, usability, and accessibility.
Monday By Noon: Jonathan Christopher discusses the latest in web standards and how they affect the Internet.

User Experience and Interaction
In user-centered development, it’s all about how people experience what you’ve designed. Get more on this subject with these blogs.
Flamelab: Read this blog to find out about user experience, the aesthetics of interaction, and more.
Interaction Design Online: Lindsay Lauters discusses topics concerning user-centered design, accessibility, and more.
Usability Forum: Visit this blog for a group discussion on the usability of everyday things and the frustration that ensues when functionality isn’t considered.
[BEEP]: Find out what Peter Boersma has to say about user experience design in Web 2.0 and information architecture.
Mike Industries: Mike Industries covers commentary on user interfaces and web design.
Warpspire: Kyle Neath’s Warpsire blog is about web design, and it’s full of resources for interface architecture and usability.
Experience Planner: Scott Weisbrod discusses the many factors that go into creating a positive customer experience.
Good Experience: Good Experience encourages readers to focus on customer experience.
Customer Experience Crossroads: Visit Susan Abbott’s blog to find out how to create a “branded customer experience.”
Church of the Customer: Jackie and Ben evangelize positive customer experiences.
Keith Instone: Keith Instone keeps readers up to date on the latest in making websites usable.
Advanced Common Sense: Steve Krug helps readers improve the interfaces and usability of their websites.
Total Experience: Bob and Paula discuss design and experience as it affects our lives.
GUUUI: GUUUI is a resource for interaction designers, with posts about tools, tests, and handy tricks.
Software As She’s Developed: Michael Mahemoff, author of Ajax Design Patters, discusses the intersection of usability and Ajax.
WebWord: John Rhodes educates readers on topics in usability and human factors in design.
Logic+Emotion: David Armano writes about experience design and the intersection it makes with business.
D. Keith Robinson: Find out what web experience expert David Keith Robinson has to say about design, web standards, content, and more.
Design By Fire: Andrei Michael Heraslmchuk, owner of Design By Fire, was one of the first official interface designers for Adobe Systems. Check out his blog for insight on web standards, design, and user interfaces.
Challis Hodge’s UXblog: Challis Hodge discusses user experience and provides loads of resources for further UX education.
Compete on Usability: Joshua Ledwell encourages readers to concentrate on user experience.
Experientia: Experientia offers a look into user experience, design and innovation that puts people first.
The Product Usability Weblog: This blog discusses news, research, and current events related to consumer product usability.
Usernomics: Read Usernomics to find out more about user interface design, human factors, and ergonomics.
ExperienceCurve: Karl Long discusses the intersection of social media, marketing, and customer experience.
Vanderwal: Thomas Vanderwal covers the topics of information architecture, interaction design, and more.
Louis Rosenfeld: Lou Rosenfeld, author of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, discusses current issues and thoughts in the fields of user experience and information architecture.
iaslash: iaslash covers topics related to user interface design, usability, and other concerns surrounding access and use of information.
Etre: Etre discusses usability, accessibility and findability in this interesting blog.

User-Centered Design
Design is more than just aesthetics. Read these blogs to find out how to make your development attractive and functional.
PinPoint Performance Solutions Blog: On this blog, you’ll find commentary on user-centered design, testing, and performance improvement.
Usability Blog: Read this blog for Paul Sherman’s take on usability, user-centered design, and user experience.
Presentation Zen: Presentation Zen focuses on presentation design, both in person and otherwise.
User Interface Engineering: UIE delivers the latest in interesting usability design news.
iQ: iQ takes a look at what works and what doesn’t, and offers advice on how you can design a good user experience.
Design Thinking Digest: Chris Bernard discusses design thinking that revolves around user experiences.
Bokardo: Joshua Porter offers his take on web design with people in mind.
Cre8pc: Cre8pc focuses on holistic usability, accessibility and “people on purpose” web design.
Dexo Design: Russell Wilson, an expert in the field of interface design, offers his take on issues and current events in user-centered design.
Interesource: This blog discusses designing the web for people.
Engage!: Dave Malouf reminds readers that “the core purpose of design is to engage” and solve problems.
Information Aesthetics: Information Aesthetics celebrates data visualization and visual communication.
Small Surfaces: Small Surfaces discusses interaction design, user interface, and other design topics related to mobile technology usability.
Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen, the “king of usability,” offers insight into ways to make the Internet easier to use.
Design & Emotion: Brush up on the latest in user design with Marco van Hout.
Laws of Simplicity: John Maeda discusses how the laws of simplicity affect design, business, technology and life.
Eyetools Eyetracking Research: Learn about design and content optimization that revolves around where users’ eyes rest.

User-Centered Writing and Content
Web 2.0 has brought on all sorts of social media and crowdsourcing content. Find out how you can successfully harness this phenomenon to become more user-centric.
Viaspire: Discover content strategies, information architecture, and other user-centered topics at Viaspire.
What’s Next Interactive: Find out about functionality and interactive content from Kathryn Campbell.
User Effect: This blog discusses how the user-driven Web 2.0 movement makes usability and user-centered design essential.
Futurelab: Futurelab covers the why and how of customer-centric marketing and strategy.
Consumer Generated Media: Pete Blackshaw discusses the future of consumer generated media.
InfoDesign: InfoDesign writes about the importance of “relevant, clear, and memorable information.”
UXB: Shane Morris, a user experience evangelist for Microsoft, covers interaction, usability, user-centered design and more.
Work Play Experience: Adam Lawrence tells readers how the showbiz approach can help strengthen experience design.
Subtraction: Read what this design director for the New York Times has to say.
A Brief Message: A Brief Message discusses (briefly) real-world design.
Nooface: Nooface explores design and content for interfaces beyond the PC.

Top 100 Make Money Online Blogs

In starting this endeavour, I started wondering about what the top blogs in this field were. I mean sure, there were lists out there giving ratings for which blogs were the absolute best in the “Make Money Blogging” Industry. These lists were compiled by the authors from various sources, but almost all of them did not use empirical data beyond the first 10 results. Those first 10 results contained data in terms of Technorati authority. I mean sure, a lot of bloggers out there think that Technorati is the only yardstick that they need to measure things by, but not me. I needed something more substantial to justify who was the best.

While it is surely easy to name the top few blogs in the “Make Money Blogging” (think Problogger), I think most people would start to really stretch their minds if they were asked to list more than 10 such blogs. Smaller blogs, on the rise, still elude a lot of people, simply because they have yet to achieve the size that deems noteworthyness, and fame with it. This is why I was wonderfully overjoyed when I came across a blog post on another blog showing the top 100 Make Money online Blogs, and this too with empirical data in the form of not only Technorati authority, but also Google PageRank as well as Alexa Ranking. The actual link to the blog which listed the following is at the bottom of the list, and I do not take any crefit for it. I have just copied and pasted it below for your ease of viewing.

I would suggest that you guys start by reading the top few blogs on the list when you can. So check it out. These blogs cover a wide variety of topics including Marketing, Adsense, Adwords, Branding, Traffic Generation, Affiliate Programs, Entrepreneurship, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Viral video generation, as well as Get-Paid-To Programs such as PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and not forgetting SEO, BlackHat/WhiteHat, Link DIrectory creation, and oh yeah, even making money on eBay. So it would definitely be well worth your while to check out all these great blogs. I hope that you guys find this as helpful as I have.

RANK Blog Name top100.jpg top100.jpg top100.jpg
1 Problogger 6 19 2259
2 John Chow 6 46 2432
3 Shoemoney 6 79 2547
4 Performancing 7 61 7264
5 Dosh Dosh 4 49 6995
6 Daily Blog Tips 5 392 14241
7 Entrepreneurs Journey 6 2704 15622
8 Andy Beard – Niche marketing 5 1164 17655
9 Emoms At Home 5 1811 30551
10 Nate Whitehill 5 1095 42391
11 5 Star Affiliate Programs 5 15465 12422
12 Carl Ocab 4 1964 35686
13 NetBusinessBlog 5 4376 40510
14 Ades Blog 7 13220 43264
15 45n5 4 8426 26336
16 Courtney Tuttle 3 1998 29783
17 Tyler Cruz 5 9033 39289
18 Affiliate Tip 5 13270 31702
19 Sabahan 5 11498 39959
20 Blog About Your Blog 4 4431 44965
21 Who Is Andrew Wee 5 9951 49481
22 Blogtrepreneur 5 6604 57497
23 Self Made Minds 4 8687 42326
24 Aojon 5 14332 54403
25 Earners Blog 4 12774 41351
26 5xmom 4 8759 52087
27 Memwg 5 12541 71214
28 Gather Success 4 16087 46029
29 John Cow N/A 3347 18018
30 CPA Affiliates 5 10243 83717
31 Jim Kukral 5 7080 97239
32 Vandelay Design 3 9404 55717
33 Blogstorm N/A 6590 19402
34 Zac Johnson 3 19197 42363
35 Fraser’s Affiliate Marketing Blog 5 19269 100192
36 Reality Wired 4 10172 93695
37 Derek Semmler 4 15721 83346
38 Affiliate Marketing Blog from UK 4 34433 52192
39 Can I Make Big Money Online 4 7770 114207
40 My Affiliate Journey 4 26017 75715
41 Harpzon 4 14423 105146
42 Art Of Money 4 33178 68472
43 Rosalind Gardner’s NetProfitsToday 5 71834 25342
44 Cash Quests N/A 8276 30568
45 Just Make Money Online 5 21876 153825
46 Matt Huggins 3 10951 100354
47 Darin.cc 2 11878 57595
48 Dirty Little Secrets 3 13270 102994
49 Mubinahmed.com 2 8309 69915
50 Blogging Tips N/A 7516 37353
51 Net Frontier Marketing 3 30139 80408
52 Blog Oh Blog N/A 139 50690
53 Blog Clout 2 8869 86761
54 Egonitron.com 6 49721 207942
55 Site Fever 2 22799 73129
56 More Merchant 4 50281 142941
57 Thatedeguy 5 70762 160795
58 Twenty Steps 4 63488 128452
59 Money Making Blog 4 63488 132184
60 Super Affiliate Mindset N/A 32942 39465
61 WebTalks 3 510 239001
62 Some Useless Info 3 16411 204224
63 Big Bucks Blogger N/A 26176 55153
64 Dazzlin Donna 3 67885 91192
65 Bfreedom 3 77498 74688
66 Make Money With Kassper 2 5977 154865
67 Retire Young And Wealthy 4 52103 226401
68 Bloggrrl N/A 13671 73741
69 My Journey To One Million 4 30139 289714
70 Search Engine Optimization Journal 4 112760 103446
71 Building My Empire 4 101381 140763
72 Grand Start 2 15032 154533
73 Adam Dempsey 4 39567 297248
74 Ian Fernando 2 42530 106132
75 Online Presence 3 62622 167331
76 AMWSO Affiliate Blog 4 149112 75205
77 eMonetized.com N/A 36090 68913
78 Super Blogging Tips N/A 5135 102419
79 Blogging Experiment N/A 30553 80773
80 Blogging Fingers N/A 29747 83621
81 Enkay Blog N/A 16087 98481
82 Osworld 4 157654 98998
83 Ryan Shamus N/A 4004 111997
84 Bright Beginning 3 52715 238421
85 Slyvisions N/A 28488 96174
86 Rich Minx N/A 4109 126633
87 Cash For Comments N/A 15151 118475
88 Pajama Professional 3 66914 260830
89 Affiliate Marketing Journal 3 91836 220915
90 My Debt Free Goal N/A 37879 107127
91 Derek Beau N/A 45145 100668
92 Keith’s Affiliate Marketing Blog 4 177881 194318
93 Freelance Folder N/A 21628 130126
94 Affiliate Fortune Cookies 3 79961 314414
95 Mom Works At Home 4 25094 615163
96 FinalTAG.com 4 118114 422980
97 ShaMoneyMaker N/A 18487 161868
98 Shylock Blogging N/A 41735 140013
99 Daily Moolah N/A 65154 128243
100 Somewhere Over The Debt 4 17859 737527
101 PreBlogging N/A 57035 149143
102 Freelance Mom 3 210401 146751
103 Ez Online Money 3 227027 129061
104 NiggyBuzz 2 78706 268830
105 World Of Angel N/A 49052 184794
106 Higher Trust Marketing Blog 4 342094 166187
107 News Notion N/A 124330 113880
108 Adsense 4 Dummies 4 18898 921314
109 Desty Online N/A 72963 176548
110 This Affiliate Marketing Path 4 280190 410328
111 Marc Eilbeck N/A 46556 224590
112 Etienne Teo N/A 61772 230311
113 Blogging Dosh N/A 105673 190481
114 The 30 Day Man 4 361701 358634
115 Income Hero N/A 118114 188419
116 The Writers Manifesto N/A 167357 163036
117 Why Do Work? 5 704629 46600
118 eXtra For Every Publisher N/A 82595 250117
119 Day Job Nuker N/A 90112 244882
120 Itswritenow N/A 55505 284217
121 Charles Lau N/A 70762 281058
122 Ask Jason Marketing 2 153346 356095
123 CDF Networks N/A 162428 195536
124 Success Passcode N/A 153346 206556
125 Life Is Colourful N/A 37234 344743
126 OnPulseIm N/A 90112 296645
127 The Blog Beat N/A 90112 297849
128 AIS and SEO by Sarah N/A 280190 112337
129 Pat B. Doyle N/A 95413 323093
130 Rich Gilchrest N/A 60930 371896
131 ProBloggers Matrix N/A 97290 339129
132 HaloMark 5 704629 707189
133 Click Input N/A 56239 408148
134 Warrior Blog N/A 324580 154658
135 Detiksmart.com N/A 118114 368433
136 The Make Money Online N/A 196198 314222
137 Internet Marketing Mind N/A 93552 460757
138 My First Million Dollars N/A 172587 390960
139 Success Online 4 704629 647036
140 Knupnet 2 177881 724809
141 Genuine Online Opportunities N/A 236176 344571
142 Digital Order N/A 101381 488797
143 Textadsearch N/A 308341 297984
144 Blogs For Money N/A 167357 457739
145 Earners Club N/A 308341 335943
146 Big Marketing Online 1 203218 185848
147 Freedom Ideas N/A 256340 418013
148 Blogger For Life N/A 183684 512464
149 Dorm Earning N/A 189691 546723
150 A Run The Ace N/A 63488 686010
151 Net Hustlin’ N/A 189691 565718
152 P Morrow’s Online Money N/A 88524 675330
153 Rajawang N/A 245854 526467
154 Online Cash Flow N/A 23404 801814
155 Blog Me Cash N/A 540306 328104
156 Ambatchmasterpublished N/A 245854 732133
157 Crenk 1 293656 343930
158 Jonnyq888 3 876360 1071670
159 Blog Earners N/A 500785 559081
160 Livin’ Online N/A 876360 196310
161 Web Dosh 2 342094 1455844
162 Money Making Scoop N/A 280190 970869
163 Type Carl N/A 704629 806407
164 Retired Pay 2 1150685 596875
165 Getty Cash N/A 640383 975493
166 Telecommunting Millionaire N/A 704629 1372557
167 Mailbox Money 2 407558 4204112
168 Thomas Walker N/A 245854 2783194
169 Andrew Polanski N/A 1803855 1503037
170 Christine Buske 1 640383 1870338
171 Passive Passion N/A 1803855 1689758
172 Green Affiliate 3 4063054 1607635
173 Money Making Ideas 4 You N/A 1150685 2624400
174 Earning From Affiliates N/A 2515283 2181718
175 Climbing Out of the Debt Pit N/A 2515283 2959530
176 Its An Online World N/A 3915745 1895330
177 Insane Money Market Blog N/A 3915745 4730266
178 Webmaster Chick N/A 7966799 1249578
179 Mikes Money Making Mission 5 N/A 172234
180 Debby Banning N/A N/A 1026211
181 Strategic Profits N/A N/A 9598
182 Software Projects 4 N/A 126987
183 Google Lady 6 N/A 220304
184 Search Anyway 4 N/A 123175
185 One Mans Goal N/A N/A N/A
186 My Affiliate Programs N/A N/A N/A
187 RevRiver N/A N/A N/A
188 JCcommerce N/A N/A N/A
189 Grounded Vertigo N/A N/A N/A

And here is the link to the actual blog page. It’s also great in itself. You should check it out if you get the chance to.

Top 30 VoIP Blogs

The Top 10
These are the VoIP blogs that almost everyone in the idustry reads on a daily basis. I read each of these blogs daily. The content on these sites is outstanding and serves as the origin of some of the hottest industry chatter. If you are in the VoIP industry and you are not reading these blogs, you are not doing yourself or your company justice.

Andy Abramson – VoIP Watch
Om Malik – GigaOm
Rich Tehrani’s Blog
Jon Arnold’s Blog
Greg Gatlitzine’s VoIP Authority Blog
Skype Journal
Russell Shaw’s IP Telephony Blog
Tom Keating’s VoIP and Gadgets Blog
Jeff Pulver – Pulver Blog
Mark Evans Blog

The Prominent
These are the VoIP blogs that you might not read everyday, but you definitely should read them every week. Most of the blogs speak to a specific niche of the industry or, cover more then just the Voice Over IP industry. These blogs often contain high level and or are extremely technical so many of the VoIP blogs are not for the faint at heart.

Asterisk VoIP News
Alec Saunders Log
Martin Geddes -Telepocalypse
Ted Wallingford’s Signal to Noise
Erik Lagerway – SIP That
Brough Turner
Skype Blogs
Aswath’s Weblog
Phone Boy
David Beckemeyer Mr. Blog

Always Worth a Read
These last ten VoIP blogs are typically focused on reporting about the happenings in and around the VoIP industry. Many of these blogs have a huge amount of valuable content and a extremely active community of individuals commenting on the topics and news presented. Though these are not daily or sometimes weekly reads, these should be in your feed reader.

Ken Camp’s Realtime VoIP
Solomon’s Ige VoIP Blog
Gary Kim’s Blog
Mark’s VoIP Security Blog
Irwin Lazar’s Real-Time Blog
VoIP Supply Blog
VoIP Now
VoIP Low Down
VoIP Central
VoIP Loop

Now it comes time to hear about who I missed – Let me know if I missed your VoIP blog or your favortie VoIP blog. I would be happy to add to this VoIP blog list!