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10 opensource php ajax webmail client software

1. RoundCube

RoundCube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an e-mail client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking. RoundCube Webmail is written in PHP and requires a MySQL or Postgres database. The user interface is fully skinnable using XHTML and CSS 2.

2. Zimbra

Zimbra provides open source email and calendar groupware software, with a browser-based AJAX client to deliver a rich experience with a message conversation view and visual search builder that makes multi-gigabyte inboxes easier to use. They also integrate 3rd party applications as “mash-ups” via web services so you can view CRM data, maps, or anything else without leaving the context of a message.

3. Xuheki

Xuheki is a fast IMAP client which has a browser-based AJAX client so you can access it from anywhere to read your email. It has most features that you would expect from a fine “Mail User Agent”. Xuheki is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

4. SquirrelMail

SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package written in PHP. It includes built-in pure PHP support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols, and all pages render in pure HTML 4.0 (with no JavaScript required) for maximum compatibility across browsers.

5. Atmail

AtMail, a free lightweight Ajax Webmail client software that is written in PHP that allow end user receive email via web browser and WAP devices. This webmail client software can be installed on variety platform like Windows and Linux. Plus more, it support various email technology like IMAP/POP3 mailboxes, and an optional email-server mode that uses Exim as the MTA.

6. Afterlogic

AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP is easy-to-use webmail script with modern interface, supports AJAX and skins. Users can receive, view, delete, compose, and send mail through web interface (POP3 and SMTP supported). Multiple attachments, multiple mail accounts and domains, preview panel, web-based administration. Easy installation, supports PHP 4.1 and above. Open source and completely free. Can be upgraded to Pro version with extended features….

Live Demo

7. Hastymail

Hastymail is a full featured IMAP/SMTP client written in PHP. Compatible with PDAs, phones, text browsers, and with all mainstream browsers. Hastymail has a powerful plugin system that PHP developers can use to alter the way it works. Plugins can add pages within the Hastymail application (including css files), alter existing pages by inserting XHTML, modify internal data structures within Hastymail, make AJAX callbacks using their AJAX system, and even communicate with a configured SQL server.

8. Mailr

Mailr is an open source webmail application written in Ruby which uses Ruby On Rails web application framework. The application is tested with Courier-IMAP but it should be possible to use it with any other IMAP server.

9. Claros inTouch

Claros inTouch is an Ajax communication suite with key features such as webmail, address book, post-it notes, calendar (in progress), webdisk (in progress), built-in instant messenger and rss reader. It is the first open source web application which features built in spam protection and instant messaging capabilities together with web 2.0 technologies. Built with Java, utilizes JSP/Servlets with the well known J2EE technologies & uses MySQL database.

10. Postaci

Postaci is a PHP based POP3/IMAP e-mail client that is very simple and easy to use. It supports SMTP authentication. It can handle both protocols and the defaul protocol can be changed from a single configuration file. Postaci is platform independent, it can work on any operating system which supports PHP. Postaci is also database independent, it can be used with MySQL, mSQL, Microsoft SQL, Sybase,


Play Framework,Java Web Applications Framework

The Play framework makes it easier to build Web applications with Java

A web app in 10 minutes using Play! from zenexity on Vimeo.

The Play framework is a clean alternative to bloated Enterprise Java stacks. It focuses on developer productivity and targets RESTful architectures. Play is a perfect companion to agile software development.

The Play framework’s goal is to ease web applications development while sticking with Java.

Play framework 1.0.3 documentation

Download Play Framework

Backup your Flickr photos with Bulkr


Bulkr is an Adobe AIR application that can download all of your photos in your Flickr account in several formats like thumbnail, small, medium, large and original. It can also download photos by Set or your Favorites photo saved in Flickr. To use Bulkr, your system must have adobe AIR and you need to give authorize permission to Bulkr in Flickr.

35 Stylish And Modern WordPress Plugins Using jQuery UI

In this post you’ll find out about very flexible and stylish WordPress plugins, which are based on Jquery UI. For a long time now jQuery has been very popular and modern approach displaying text, images, search, comment boxes etc. in modern way without any use of flash!

Release jQuery power and enjoy benefits right now – hope you like my findings and you’ll put them in good use.

1.HOW TO: Create a jQuery Carousel with WordPress Posts

This post will give you a quick run down of how to easily add a simple and easily customizable carousel with WordPress posts from a specified category.


Check out demo

2. WP Slimbox 2

A WordPress implementation of the stellar Slimbox2 script by Christophe Beyls (an enhanced clone of the Lightbox script) which utilizes the jQuery library to create an impressive image overlay with slide-out effects.


Check out live demo

3.WordPress jQuery Lightbox Plugin

Used to overlay images on the current page, a little bit different popular Lightbox plugin.

If you want to see live demo of this plugin, just scroll down the page to see sample image and click on it.


Check out live demo

4.Carousel Gallery (jQuery)

This plugin tweaks the gallery tag in WordPress 2.6 thusly by replacing it with a javascript carousel. The plugin uses jQuery and a jQuery plugin called jCarousel.


Check out live demo

5.Shadowbox JS

Shadowbox is an online media viewing application that supports all of the web’s most popular media publishing formats. Shadowbox is written entirely in JavaScript and CSS and is highly customizable. Using Shadowbox, website authors can display a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page.


Check out for live demo

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40 Web design inspiration

A few months ago we launched a network of five niche gallery sites. For a long time this blog has included inspirational posts that showcase the work of various designers, so it seemed like a natural extension to launch the galleries. During the past few months the archives have been growing at each of the galleries, and they are becoming more valuable resources for designers who are looking for inspiration. Each gallery now includes between 185 and 350 items on display.

In this post I’d like to showcase a brief sampling of the inspiration that is available at each of the galleries. There are ten items shown from each gallery. The text links will lead you to the source, and by clicking on the images you will be led to the pages on the galleries.

Folio Focus:

Folio Focus currently includes more than 300 portfolio sites on display from various creative professionals. There are around 20 new sites added each week. To stay up-to-date with Folio Focus you can subscribe by RSS, email, or follow on Twitter.



Eye Candy

Eye Candy



Hamza Labrinssi

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10 WordPress Mobile Plugins

Due to the advances in mobile technology, now a days almost all the mobile phones are equipped with Internet surfing capabilities. As a consequence, more and more people are accessing websites via their mobile phones every day, creating the need for webmasters to adapt their websites to these visitors.

Below we cover 10 mobile plugins for WordPress that can be used to make your website mobile friendly.

1. WordPress Mobile Edition

Developed by Crowd Favorite, this plugin has got a clean user interface that is designed for mobile devices. When a person visits your site from a mobile browser, it automatically detects the browser and loads the mobile version of your site. You can edit the list of mobile browsers in the settings page. This plugin enables particular theme to load on a specific mobile browser or device for example iPhone, Windows Mobile, Opera Mini web browser and other mobile web browsers.


One of the most popular mobile WordPress plugins, with thousands of downloads. This WordPress plugin makes your blog more mobile friendly, reducing the load time on mobile browsers and configuring your pages properly.

3. WordPress Mobile Pack

Another WordPress plugin for mobile browsers. It has got mobile recognition, device adaptation and it is widget ready. With the mobile recognition and device adaptation feature, it automatically re-sizes the images, split the articles or post into multiple pages such that your web page looks just fine on any of the mobile phones. It has a mobile admin panel so the admin of the site can easily manage it. Mobile ad widget allows mobile ads or mobile Adsense to be displayed on the mobile version of the web pages.

4. MobilePress

You can set this plugin to display a specific theme for a specific device model or mobile browsers like the iPhone, Opera Mini, etc., such that your blog displays according to the device capability. This plugin also allows the WordPress theme developers to develop their own mobile themes for WordPress blogs.

5. Mobile Admin

This WordPress plugin enables you to access admin user interface on mobile devices in a users friendly manner. This plugin is especially developed for the browsers on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices and it supports most of the other mobile browsers at basic level. Mobile Admin supports most of the basic WordPress admin features like editing posts with auto-save feature, tagging support, comment moderation, and more.

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Top 20 Gorgeous WordPress Gallery Themes

by Sean P Aune

It’s easy to forget that sometimes that WordPress can be used for more than just a blogging platform. Due to its open nature, and thanks to many theme builders, it can easily be turned into a gallery to show off your latest work. Why should you take time away from working on paying jobs to work on your own gallery? There are a slew of themes for WordPress that can do the job for you, and many offer easy customization so it isn’t too obvious that your gallery is an off-the-shelf solution.

We’ve gathered up a nice selection of free and paid solutions, so you can get that gallery working for you right away — no matter what your budget!

Free WordPress Portfolio Themes

Ascari: A very artistic theme, with a unique “top” button that follows you as you scroll down the page so that the user can quickly return to the point from which they began. This one is definitely more about just showing off your work, but it does it in a beautiful manner.


CSS Gallery: CSS Gallery is built with web designers in mind. Each image on the front page can rated by site visitors, but when they click on the examples, they are taken to the live version of that work. Theme also features spots for GoogleAdSense and 125X125 ads, and, best of all, it’s free.


f8: f8 allows you to customize colors, fonts, front page categories, contact info, slideshow height and other options all from the theme options page in the admin section so that you may change it to your heart’s content. All thumbnails link to full blog posts where you can then provide your users with as much information as you like about the work you did.


Gallery: Built on the Thematic Theme framework, this dark gallery theme is quite the eye catcher. The top row is all 125×125 ad spots, but after that each image is a separate gallery link that when you hover over it, the image slides up to show you the name. The individual post pages will give you more information about the work, who designed it, and where it can be found, as well as allow users to rate it and to leave comments.


iQ2: iQ2 is a fully skinnable, widget-ready, WordPress theme directed at photographers wanting to show off their work, but is easily usable for anyone wanting to show off their works or designs. It does require you download and install the PhotoQ Photoblog Plugin as this is what powers the theme. No charge is associated with this theme, but donations are welcomed.


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Opanda IExif

Opanda IExif is a professional Exif viewer in Windows / IE /  Firefox, From a photographer’s eye, It displays the image taken from digital camera and every item of EXIF data in the image from beginning to end. The user can learn about how and where to take the photo, what the camera’s model is, the detail of photographer and more in IExif. You can know more information and some unbeknown story. It is not only the good assistant to study photography, but also the best choice to view EXIF for photographer, shutterbug, photo editor and so on…

Now digital camera is very popular, more and more people begin to use dc taking photo. It’s an important thing that reviewing and learning about the photographic technology via EXIF data in digital image. Opanda IExif is just a professional software browsing Exif / GPS / IPTC data in digital image. It’s powerful and easy-use, and it’s one of the best tool for every shutterbug and photographer.


*Support all of EXIF 2.21 standard
*Support IPTC/NAA news image record
*Support GPS information record
*Support of Location satellite map by GPS data
*Support TIPP6 and popular software’s extend EXIF tag
*Support some special company’s tag, for example Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Sigma etc.
*Support Internet Explorer
*Support Mozilla Firefox
*Support to display thumbnail and its information
*offer information of camera model and manufacturer

Download Opanda IExif, It’s freeware