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Robots FAQ

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This is a list with frequently asked questions about web robots. Select the question to go to the answer page, or select on the eye icon after the question to show the answer in this page.

  1. About WWW robots
  2. Indexing Robots
  3. For Server Administrators
  4. Robots exclusion standard
  5. About META tags
  6. Availability


How much do you earn from adsense daily?

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To those who have adsense on their websites, how much do you earn daily? Share us your average figures. As for , we earn around $3.00 a day which is alright to pay for one server the more earnings the better, hopefully we can increase it this month..

So tell us about your adsense earnings..

Zacadsense: average of about 1 cent a day. it used to be more on my old old old sites that i used to have but i closed them (stupidly)

bidvertiser: around $0.12 a day, but its on the upOn the average I would say about $0.50 to $1.00 a day (this is just for a single site). But some days are just really so “slow”, if you know what I mean.Sorry but to ask this. I thought we are not suppose to put google adsense and similar advertising program on the site as long as it is hosted on ZC?Well, if you’re the one asking me kleong, my site is not hosted with . kleong Wrote:Sorry but to ask this. I thought we are not suppose to put google adsense and similar advertising program on the site as long as it is hosted on ZC?
indeed, my adsense is not on byteforums which is hosted here.Thanks jandz, goughy000. For one moment I was puzzled. Can I or can I not put adsense? Now I know. Yes it is your website that are not hosted with . I should’ve clarified. I might change that rule in the future..

Zaci earn around 10$ a day



How to increase Google Adsense income?

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Hey guys just a survey ok , my daily income in adsense is below $3 , The $3 per day is maintain by my 1 (freelance web design website) and 3 blogsites.

My question is , how many website i need, or what i must do to increase my adsense earning and site visitors.Target a greater audienence is really the only way to get more $$$You can earn more with just one website. All you need to do is to get more traffic to go to your site. To get more traffic to your site try exchanging banners or links with other websites. Put a link of your site in your forum signitures and optimize your site with the best and most suitable keywords. Make sure you submit it to the major search engines too

Thats my 2cents Lets hear what the others have to say..

ZacGoogle aren’t going to pay you for having a website, they’d reward you for showing people their advertisments, if noone goes to your site to see click those ads then you get zilch!

As Zac said, more traffic!
Easy part is making the website Also don’t say “Please click the ads”. Otherwise google will ban your account.thank you guys thanks for the adviceYou can put as many keywords in your meda tags as you want but if you dont have the content people are looking for they won’t waste there time clicking the ads on your site. Bolgus keywords won’t work either lol e.g if one of the keywords in your media tag is socks you better have socks on your site and not just the word lol.Meta tags won’t help, you must have unqiue content, and target high paying keywords. Of course, more traffic. Your ad position.

Well, I learned all this from DP forums. If I did it myself, I wouold be no where.All of the above are very good observations. The position, the keywords the metatags, but the real deal is that you have to have an audiencejust make a very good site with good content and promote your website Or you can have more content (original, of course) like a blog that is regularly updated, or a website with articles about certain interest you have. People with similar interest will find your site and they may come back if there is enough real content. If it’s just copied, then they may not stay too long.

The forum link in your sigs also help a great deal. ExposureBlend your ads. Oh, and traffic, traffic, traffic and SEO. Link exchanges also work as well as article submissions.

Goodluck on your money making venture.U need knowledge about lots of things along with adsense to increase the Adsense Income. If u carry on just learning about adsene, u can’t be successfull with the ad income. U must learn about PPC, CTR, Conversion, Ad layouts, Keywords and some other things to satisfy your self with the result…as i know meta tag only help a little to increase visitor but not to help much, so the problem only one “how to get more visitor” its automaticaly increase your money everyday. difficult huh? many offer out there tell they can improve your adsense but i think be carefuly before buy something.

i have only one key: everytime you write heading text on your website is important use best keyword so search engine will work fine with your site…if i not wrong…but i already test with my blog and so far its work…gl3nnx Wrote:Hey guys just a survey ok ??, my daily income in adsense is below $3 , The $3 per day is maintain by my 1 (freelance web design website) and 3 blogsites.

My question is , how many website i need, or what i must do to increase my adsense earning and site visitors.

SEO is good thing to make your site popular as if site came on 1st page more and more people will vist ur site. We can do this for u + we make all ur pages crawel by the serach engine and also implement Dynamic Keywords and title. This is called SEF search Engine Friendly.



What is Gphone?

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Adwords kicks off paid link sellers

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Google has been beating its chest about websites selling and buying links for some time now. They don’t like it, we get it guys. Recently they penalised a whole bunch of websites for selling links in their big PR update. This caused a huge amount of uproar and many of the penalised websites had their penalties rescinded.

What was getting the goats of a lot of people however was the fact that Google actively punished sites selling text links while at the same time profited from the very same sites advertising the sale of text links on Google’s Adwords platform.

Google was being very hypocritical. If they don’t like it happening, why support it and profit from it themselves? Well, now they’ve put pay to that one and have banned Adwords ads from showing for a great many text-link related keywords, including ‘paid links’.


As you can see, no Adwords ads.

This marks the next step in Google’s battle to reduce paid links in order to keep their index ‘pure’. If you’re doing paid reviews or selling paid links on your website, remember, Google is watching!

Affiliate Marketing



Tivo rolls out Picasa, Photobucket integration

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Tivo owners with Picasa or Photobucket accounts just got another way to view their photos on their TVs — everyone’s favorite DVR company announced deals with both services today that will allow users to access their photos from any Tivo device. Photos will be pulled down at the highest resolution your Tivo supports, so Series3 and Tivo HD owners will get HD-res images displayed, and what’s more, users can also access friends’ photo albums. The feature should be rolling out starting today — between this and that Rhapsody partnership, it seems like Tivo is starting to get serious about branching into the still-dormant media streamer / extender market.

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Yahoo’s Quality vs. Google’s Quantity. Who Wins?

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Quality over quantity is usually the way in which we’d like to consider certain things in life, like clothes or the number of tracks on an album. And many of you out there would agree that this mantra applies to search queries as well.

Compete has just compiled a study that shows Yahoo’s superiority over Google when it comes to search results. While we all know that Google takes the cake for dominating the market in terms of search quantity, it’s good to look at quality every once in a while, too. What Compete looked at were the referrals from search queries done across Yahoo, Google and MSN/Live. An entire third of search queries performed on Google led to a dead end, meaning people weren’t clicking on a single search result.

This is the silver lining that so many search engine developers look to when creating their own way to navigate the semantic web. Nearly every search engine that’s come to our attention wants to find better results than Google, in a more efficient manner, whether it be through human interaction as with Cha-Cha and Mahalo, web user behavior as with Krillion, or a combination of both, as with Grayboxx.

It may be important to note here that Yahoo’s received higher honors than Google for consumer satisfaction as well. Does this mean that Yahoo is hands-down better than Google? Not really. It’s just another debatable factor for advertisers and businesses to look at when drawing up an online marketing plan.



Google Launches Gears Open Source Project to Bring Offline Capabilities to Web Applications

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At Google Developer Day, New Browser Extension Provided to Developer Community

Google Developer Day 2007

SYDNEY, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) today announced at Google Developer Day 2007 that it is providing developers with Google Gears??, an open source technology for creating offline web applications. This new browser extension is being made available in its early stages so that everyone can test its capabilities and limitations and help improve upon it. The long-term hope is that Google Gears can help the industry as a whole move toward a single standard for offline capabilities that all developers can use.

Google Gears marks an important step in the evolution of web applications because it addresses a major user concern: availability of data and applications when theres no Internet connection available, or when a connection is slow or unreliable. As application developers and users alike want to do more on the webwhether its email or CRM or photo editingenhancements that make the browser environment itself more powerful are increasingly important.

“With Google Gears we’re tackling a key limitation of the browser in order to make it a stronger platform for deploying all types of applications and enabling a better user experience in the cloud,” said Eric Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer of Google. We believe strongly in the power of the community to stretch this new technology to the limits of whats possible and ultimately emerge with an open standard that benefits everyone.

Google is offering Google Gears as a free, fully open source technology in order to help every web application, not just Google applications. As a first example of what is possible, the Google Reader feed reader ( is available today with Gears-enabled offline capabilities.

Industry support

Google will be working closely with all members of the web community to converge upon a standard so developers have one consistent API for offline functionality.

“We’re very excited to be collaborating with Google to move the industry forward to a standard cross-platform, cross-browser local storage capability,” said Kevin Lynch, senior vice president and chief software architect at Adobe. “The Gears API will also be available in Apollo, which enables web applications to run on the desktop, providing developers with consistent offline and local database solutions.”

“This announcement is a significant step forward for web applications,” said Brendan Eich, CTO at Mozilla Corporation. “We’re pleased to see Google working with open source and open standards bodies on offline web applications.”

“Opera and Google share the common goal of making Web applications richer and more robust,” said Håkon Wium Lie, CTO, Opera Software. “Developers have long desired the functionality and flexibility Google Gears can offer browsers. Because Opera has always prioritized giving our users what they want, we’re excited to work with Google to extend the reach and power of Web applications.”

Another tool in the application development toolbox

Google Gears builds on the web’s existing programming model by introducing new JavaScript APIs for sophisticated data storage, application caching, and multi-threading features. With these APIs, developers can bring offline capabilities to even their most complex web applications. Google Gears works with all major browsers on all major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Google Gears is available now at

About Google Inc.

Googles innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top web property in all major global markets. Googles targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit

Google, Google Gears, and Google Reader are trademarks of Google Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



The Google Gears API will also be available in Apollo

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I missed the first time I read it but in the Google Gears  press release you can read this quote from a Kevin Lynch comment :

“We’re very excited to be collaborating with Google to move the industry forward to a standard cross-platform, cross-browser local storage capability,” said Kevin Lynch, senior vice president and chief software architect at Adobe. “The Gears API will also be available in Apollo, which enables web applications to run on the desktop, providing developers with consistent offline and local database solutions.”

Wow … Now things gonna be more and more interesting.



Working for Google is Like Not Working at All

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Oprah takes us on a tour of what it’s like to what at Googleplex, the company headquarters of Google. If you thought your company had perks, you’re wrong. Googleplex is outfitted with gyms, on-site doctors, dry cleaners, free laundry rooms, two swimming pools, a sand volleyball court, and nearly a dozen cafeterias that charge nothing for the food!
It’s a no-brainer why Fortune magazine just named Google the #1 place to work in the United States. This final quote in the video sums the experience of working at Google:
“I love working at Google. It’s the next best thing to probably not working at all.”