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Android 2.0 ship by end of summer?

Android 2.0 may be ready before summer’s end if a developer’s clues reflect Google’s intentions. In an interview with AndroidGuys, a representative of The Weather Channel says its next app release for Android will be based on 2.0 when it ships in that window. As apps written for the new software won’t work on older operating systems, the statement suggests the new mobile OS will be ready by that point.

She adds that, from a developer’s point of view, Android 2.0 is “greatly improved” and is both easier to code for as well as more stable than earlier versions. No features are immediately discussed, but the second edition is described as encouraging creativity.

Also known as “Donut,” 2.0 is due to add universal searching, voice control, text-to-speech and gesturing. It may also bring social networking components. Some companies, including Sony Ericsson, plan to use the newer version on their first Android handsets.

Top 50 PR Download Website

Last updated: March 23, 2007
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Google Adsense allows you to choose fonts

Google Adsense just added new options to choose the fonts for google adsense units after they enabled Google Adsense for Domain feature for all google adsense publishers.

As of now, you can choose Arial, Times and Verdana.To change the font style for your existing google adsense units, go to Manage Ads under Google Adsense Setup and look for Fonts section.

Google Sitemap Generator

Google released its Google Sitemap Generator at Google code licensed under Apache License 2.0. Sitemaps are very useful for webmaster to tell the search engines about the pages of the sites which are available for crawling. This Google Sitemap Generator supports for both Apache server on Linux and Windows IIS versions. Installation guide is very useful and of course installation on your own server is easy.

Google Blog Converter

Data Liberation Team from Google released Google Blog Converters in Google Open source project. Google Blog Converters allows you to convert between export formats of Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal and Movable Type. Library and scripts are written in Python language and following sample are hosted on Google App Engine.

  • Blogger to WordPress
  • WordPress to Blogger
  • LiveJournal to Blogger

You should notice that there is a limit size of a downloadable file on these Google Apps is just 1MB and can be used for small blog export files.

Download – google-blog-converters-appengine-1.0.tar.gz

Google Friend Connect

I have been testing Google Friend Connect this week and it is time to share. Google Friend Connect means more people engaging more deeply with your website and with each other. It allows your visitors to invite their friends from other social networks and join your site. Social gadgets in Google Friend Connect will keep these visitors more deeply engaged with your site, and with each other. I have added Members gadget and Comments gadget in my site. Please come and join my site and make friend with other members and explore what they have joined.

Googe Android Open Source

When Google announced Android, its software platform for mobile devices, it released an SDK for developers to work with, but it also promised to eventually release the code under an open-source license. Today, Google and its partners in the Open Handset Alliance did exactly that. You can now download the code and help Google and its partners to develop it further. The source code has been released under the Apache 2.0 license and consists of the complete codebase of Android, including all the libraries, media codecs, and applications.

The timing of this announcement coincides with the release of the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, which will go on sale tomorrow.

Apache License

androids_logos.pngThe Apache License allows developers to distribute and modify the source code in any way they want, and developers are not required to distribute the new code under the same license. The new license does not even have to be an open-source license, which will give companies the option to develop their own, proprietary platforms on the basis of Android.

iPhone and Android Compete for Developers

It will be interesting to see where developers will take the Android platform now that they have full access to it. We have already seen the release of quite a few very interesting programs for Android in anticipation of the G1 launch.

This announcement also sets Google apart from Apple, which is trying to keep complete control over its iPhone platform. While most users probably don’t care about the politics behind the scenes, the Android platform might siphon off quite a few developers from the iPhone – especially given Apple’s erratic behavior around including applications in the iTunes store lately.

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Google Chrome

The whole web is talking about Google Chrome (, an open source browser based on it owns webkit and uses its Google Gears. An official comic book with 38 pages explained why they build Chrome. Sitepoint listed the features of Chrome based on comic. Is it another step to dominate the web?

Deftly dealing with duplicate content

At the recent Search Engine Strategies conference in freezing Chicago, many of us Googlers were asked questions about duplicate content. We recognize that there are many nuances and a bit of confusion on the topic, so we’d like to help set the record straight.

What is duplicate content?
Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar. Most of the time when we see this, it’s unintentional or at least not malicious in origin: forums that generate both regular and stripped-down mobile-targeted pages, store items shown (and — worse yet — linked) via multiple distinct URLs, and so on. In some cases, content is duplicated across domains in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings or garner more traffic via popular or long-tail queries.

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Tivo rolls out Picasa, Photobucket integration


Tivo owners with Picasa or Photobucket accounts just got another way to view their photos on their TVs — everyone’s favorite DVR company announced deals with both services today that will allow users to access their photos from any Tivo device. Photos will be pulled down at the highest resolution your Tivo supports, so Series3 and Tivo HD owners will get HD-res images displayed, and what’s more, users can also access friends’ photo albums. The feature should be rolling out starting today — between this and that Rhapsody partnership, it seems like Tivo is starting to get serious about branching into the still-dormant media streamer / extender market.

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